How To Lose Weight in 5 Simple Steps

How To Lose Weight in 5 Simple Steps

Do you want to know:

How to lose weight fast?

How to create new habits?

How to lose weight while your spouse is deployed?

Or do you have a special event coming up?

Let's say, your spouse has gone away on deployment, and now you are here. You might miss them and be left to hold down the fort. Some people will end up in a spiral of depression until their darling returns home. You may feel sad, even depressed and aren’t sure what to do to keep your mind busy!

Or maybe you want to just take the opportunity to lose weight but just don't know where to start.

You need a plan

Let me give you an example. You have a goal to lose 20lbs, you know you have to eat ‘healthy’ and you should work out and you feel you do these things already or have done them before and not reaped the results! This may lead you to believe that it is hard for you to lose weight, or that it just doesn't work for you! You may even feel a little fed up about this ‘fact’ that you have let yourself believe. You might wonder, 'Why can't I lose weight?'

But it is not true! You only lacked direction! You don’t need a Personal Trainer to tell you this! All you need is a strategy to get you where you want to be!

You first need to understand what your big goals are (outcome goals), and then break them own into smaller goals (behavior goals) and actionable habits.

How do I get motivated?

Possibly more important than a plan, is finding your ‘why’. What reason do you want to lose weight? Once you have that reason write it down. Now, ask yourself again. Why?

The Five Whys. This is an exercise you can do. It will give yourself real meaning behind wanting to reach your goal and give you a purpose that drives you! So get a pen and paper and let's walk through it together!

This technique was created by
Sakichi Toyoda, the Japanese industrialist, inventor, and founder of Toyota Industries, developed the 5 Whys technique in the 1930s. It became popular in the 1970s, and Toyota still uses it to solve problems today. (1)

Here is an example:

Why do I want to lose weight?

I want to fit into smaller clothes or wear a bikini

Why does that matter?

I think I look better when I fit in smaller clothes

Why do I want to look better?

When I look good, I feel better

Why do I want to feel good about myself?

When I feel good, I feel confident

Why do I want to feel more confident?

When I feel confident, I can deal with stress much better!

I feel in control of my life and happiness

You need a time frame 

First, let’s look at how long a deployment actually is. This will give you a good time frame in which to reach your goals!

“The average length of deployments was 7.7 months—from an average of 4.5 months in the Air Force to an average of 9.4 months in the Army." (2)

Based on those numbers, let’s give ourselves a round 6 months to plan around.

This plan will work for anyone that wants to give themselves 6 months to work towards a goal! Deployment or no deployment!

Okay, you have 6 months.

6 months and your spouse walks through that door!

Or 6 months until you attend an event you are looking forward to.

6 months until you go away on vacation. These are things you can look forward to and count down for!

Define your goal

Okay, so now you you know, you need a plan, you know why you want to see a change and we have a time frame to stick to. The next step is to define your goal. You need to be specific about exactly what you want to achieve.

‘I want to be healthier’

‘I want to be slim’

‘I want to be stronger’

These statements are great but are not going to cut it unfortunately! You need a measurable goal. One that you can note down progress and measure each week.

So those statements should change.

Decide what each of them means to you!

What does it mean to you to ‘be healthier’?

Maybe it means that you eat less junk food and more unprocessed food.Maybe it means that you eat less junk food and more unprocessed food.

What does it mean to you to ‘be slim’?

Perhaps you want to fit into a specific dress and can’t do that until you have ‘slimmed down’

What does it mean to you to be ‘stronger’?

Being stronger might mean you want to be able to lift up your kids without struggling, or you want to carry all the groceries into the house at once!

Now you know what you really mean, change the wording, define your goal.


‘I want to be healthier’

‘I want to get 5 fruits and veg a day’

‘I want to be slim’


‘I want to lose 20lbs’

‘I want to be stronger’

‘I want to be able to do 100 push ups without stopping’

Creating habits

Now we have:

6 months to lose 20lbs to feel more confident, happy and in control. Great work!

This is an excellent starting point! But we have to be realistic. In order to achieve a big goal, we have to change some things in our daily life.

Let’s break this down further.

We have outcome goals and we have behavior goals.

An outcome goal is the big goal at the end that we want to work towards.

Behavior goals are a series of smaller goals that will lead us to our big end result. You cannot just complete a behavior goal whenever you feel like it, they are still goals that must be worked towards.

Next we have actionable steps. These are the individual actions that bring us to our behavior goals and then onto our outcome goal.

So let’s go over it together.

Outcome Goal

6 months to lose 20lbs to feel more confident, happy and in control. 

To achieve this, we will need to address various things. For optimum results, we need to think about our activity, our nutrition, our planned exercise and just as important is rest.

Let’s note these down:

Behavior Goals

  • Eliminate hydration

  • Move more every day

  • Optimize sleep and rest

  • Consume whole foods most of the time

  • Complete planned workouts

Excellent! We are so much closer to getting started now! And you have a lot more direction!

Now we have:

  • Defined our outcome goal

  • Established why we need to achieve our outcome goal, therefore attached motivation to it

  • Created urgency by choosing a timeline

  • Decided on smaller behavior goals that help us get closer to our desired outcome

Next we need to figure out our daily actionable steps. These are things that productively move us closer to our bigger goals. These will be things you can do right away. These need to be a priority.

Let’s define some and then you will need to go with whatever the easiest one is, to begin with. More on why in a moment.

Hit Your Goals in 5 Simple Steps

To eliminate hydration:

Drink 2L of water per day (extra if you are sweating from heat or exercise)

To move more everyday:

Reach a daily steps goal (be realistic here)

To optimize sleep and rest:

Practice a bedtime routine daily & have one day a week where you allow your body to recover from stressors

To consume whole foods most of the time:

Add veggies to every meal

To complete planned workouts:

Do the work out in the morning, before anything else or find a suitable time and stick to it


Here is a little video my hubby and I made, running and getting our steps in!

Staying Consistent

I have a lot of strategies to help you to stay staying consistent with these 5 daily actions!

Staying consistent is a huge part and can be the hardest part.Staying consistent is a huge part and can be the hardest part.

If you would like to book a new habit consultation with me, we will go through this process and discuss strategies together! Click HERE!

We can break this down further, implement strategies and prioritize according to your given time frame.

You must start with the one that sounds the easiest to you, and do this for 1-2 full weeks until you have it down. Then you can implement the next easiest one. This way, you will create a feeling of reward, intrinsically. This will spur you on and motivate you to move on to the next actionable step.


Now we move onto accountability. Keeping yourself accountable is difficult! A good way to find this is to join a group of others who are moving towards their goals too.

You can join my exclusive group HERE.

Another way is to create an accountability Instagram profile. You can add photos to compare to your previous ones, add food you have eaten etc! It is another good way to find a like-minded community if you want to add others. Alternatively, keep it private and use it only for yourself!

I did this myself and it helped me to stay on track. If you scroll way down on my Instagram, you can see my journey, before I became a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach!

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Another way to create accountability is to opt in for 1:1 training with me! (limited spaces each month become available, so please get in touch!)

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These are your options with Fit Bird Fitness:

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(2)Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan: Assessment of Readjustment Needs of Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families.


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