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Hey, I'm Dani!



New military wife, mother of a preteen, survivor of abuse, baker, self-care advocate, teacher, blogger

Originally from London, England, I am travelling the world with my husband and gorgeous & beautiful daughter! We create picturesque videos and write reviews of our visits to various places. I am a big time foodie and love trying out new restaurants all over the world!

 Back home, I worked with children full time, teaching and guiding them through their school journey and I will always hold so much love for the wonderful kids of who I have had the privilege to play a part in their lives!

I bake! I love to create beautiful cakes and desserts for weddings! Although I no longer create bespoke cakes for events, I am partial to the odd bake up for the family!

I am a huge self-care advocate and am big into transforming women's lives who have overcome trauma and who are ready to make a change!

I have so much passion for helping someone to achieve clarity, confidence and health.

the fit bird method

How does it work?


We will discuss at depth past and current issues  and establish some personal goals.


Working together, we will put in place a strategy to achieve your goals

Training Plans

You will receive personalized training and activity plans 


Learn about good nutrition and identify vulnerabilities in your food journal.

On-going coaching

We will schedule weekly check-ins to discuss the week and set new challenges.

Progress Reviews

Every month, we will take a close look at your progress and celebrate your hard work!

Exclusive Community

Gain access to my exclusive community because having a strong support system is an integral part of maintaining success.

The Fit Bird Method is all about creating change, being kind to yourself and celebrating your efforts! Improve in self-compassion and find your 'why'. You will learn how to overhaul your current nutrition habits, understand what habits to implement and how to do this in a limitless way. Master your health and happiness. As part of the Fit Bird Method, regular, ongoing communication is vital to support your journey. I will take time to carefully discuss events and challenges and address them throughout your journey with me.


New Habit Coaching Session


We will discuss in-depth past and present issues. 

During the coaching session, we will establish goals and devise a strategy to achieve them. 
One hour coaching session.

 You DO NOT need to have a Premium Coaching Plan or Package! 

 We will come up with strategy and plan to help you achieve the results you want!

Free Consultation

FREE as a bird!

Quick, informal chat about what your current goals are.

We will talk about how the Fit Bird Method works and how it can help you personally.

I will endeavor to answer any questions you might have!

Let's connect!

Send me a message

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